The Summit’s Monthly Cocktail Competition


Monday nights are typically slow for bars and restaurants, yet they provide industry professionals an ideal opportunity to connect with each other. To drive Monday night traffic to local bar The Summit while simultaneously forging new connections, we launched a program that spotlighted the talents of bartenders across the city. We asked well-known bartenders to put their craft cocktail skills to the test through a monthly series of cocktail competitions. Sharing the stage with several of the city’s most well-known bartenders from Grapperia, Hidden Harbor, Sonoma Grille and more, the event drove Monday night attendance to an all- time high, packing in standing-room only crowds. From conceptualizing the series to driving all promotions, material development and design, media relations, social media engagement, the competition gave The Summit a reason to raise a glass and celebrate.   

Fame15 was instrumental for us as a new business. Their creative and logistical services were significant in increasing business locally, gaining brand recognition regionally, and even streamlining some of our in-house processes. Not only were they a pleasure to do business with, they also helped us through many of the hurdles that small and new businesses face on a regular basis. Working side by side with their team on multiple different small and large scale events, I can personally attest to their monster work ethic and proven abilities to execute on promises.
— Shane Witt, Owner & Manager, The Summit