Pittsburgh Fresh operates on a simple philosophy: convenience and healthy eating should go hand in hand. From home delivered, healthy meals to “grab and go” items and event catering, Pittsburgh Fresh is committed to making mealtime easy, nutritious and enjoyable. 


Having begun solely as a catering company, Pittsburgh Fresh turned to Fame15 to incorporate their new home delivery and “grab and go” offerings into their marketing efforts, while also reinvigorating their brand. 


Guided by the expression “We eat with our eyes,” we set out to ensure that the Pittsburgh Fresh brand appeals to the sense of sight. To achieve this, we gave the brand a complete visual refresh, first by creating an eye popping, no-frills logo, then directing three photo shoots to capture owner Ling’s culinary creations. Our next step was to re-design their website and re-write all content. And, to ensure that the website operates as effectively as possible, we re-programmed the entire wireframe, ultimately eliminating time-consuming work and streamlining the order and delivery reporting process.

The Fame15 Creative team did a tremendous job recreating our website, redesigning our logo and streamlining our business. From the start of the project, they understood my vision and how I wanted the website to look and sound. The project was very complex because it had so many parts, including photos, writing, recreating the wireframe, and handling the design. Everything turned out beautifully and exceeded my expectations. What’s more is that, since we relaunched the website, the number of orders we receive has doubled. Thank you Fame15 Creative for your hard work!
— Ling Wollenschlaeger, Owner and Operator of Pittsburgh Fresh