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How many times have you been dragged to a crack-of-dawn lecture that promises to inspire you, but instead leaves you tossed into a state of mid-morning brain fog?

“I’m not a morning person!” may be the familiar battle cry of the creative class, but I am here to contest the following: anti-morning lecture sentiment rides more on content than on time of day.

I was introduced to CreativeMornings a few months ago. A true transformation of the breakfast lecture platform, CreativeMornings are specifically built for the creative community. They are free, monthly events that feature a short talk and Q + A by a creative influencer within the community, who is chosen by the local CreativeMornings chapter.  Each month centers on a global theme that the chapter gets to translate into what they feel best represents the theme. Recent themes have included Fantasy, Sound, Mystery and Moments. It has been eight years since the first CreativeMornings was held in NYC by a group of friends. Today, it is held monthly in over 100 cities across the world. Did I mention they feed you breakfast and provide coffee?

The Pittsburgh chapter meets on the last Friday of each month, which I’ve found has given me something to look forward to as my week draws to a close. I had the privilege of attending my first CreativeMornings lecture a few months ago, hosted at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. The event featured Madeleine Campbell, who spoke about her experiences with Sound. That day, as I set off on my early morning cross-town trek, I was deep in the trenches of an inspirational drought.  I was all too familiar with this pattern of peaks and stumbles within my creative spirit, so I had come to live in constant search of stimulation. Podcasts weren’t working, and I was far too busy (and broke) to take that weeklong soul-clearing vacation that I had perfected in my dreams.

I’ve come to realize that attending CreativeMornings has helped to recharge my creativity. With a different theme and speaker each month, I gain insight into an industry, vision or a religion that I hadn’t before known.  Since my first lecture, I have made a commitment to myself to continue to attend. The busier I become, the less I make time to think with a free creative spirit. Time spent leisure reading has transitioned into reading for research based on a subject matter. With CreativeMornings, the opportunity to think creatively is built in. Having two hours marked early in my day to let my brain run free has shaped the way I now look at mornings, and will continue to do so.

If you are looking for creative stimulation and to anchor yourself within the creative community in Pittsburgh, join me at CreativeMornings. Shake the brain fog and give yourself a morning to revive your creative spirit. Join a room full of passionate, supportive creatives who share your dedication to making a difference. It may just change the way you feel when that alarm goes off.

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*Photos are borrowed from the @creativemorningspittsburgh Facebook page

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