BEHIND FAME15 :: February was My New January, and I Loved It!

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People always think that I am some well practiced yogi or that I work out daily. Well, friends, I hate to break it to you, but I am not.  

What is true is that I have a deep passion for practicing yoga and a love for working out. But what tends to happen is that business (and I hate even calling it business because what I do and how I live is actually so much fun) happens.    

Here is how it usually goes: I have grand ideas of getting up early and heading to the spin studio, or maybe ending my day with a relaxing yoga class. And then - womp womp - a meeting runs long, I cancel my plans or I end up waking up insanely early and sitting at my desk rather than moving my body. 

This year, January was a flurry of activity that included revamping our Fame15 office space, celebrating a birthday, and working at breakneck speed. 

Then came February, my unofficial reset to the year!   We have settled into our new space at Fame15, work has leveled out (somewhat) and planning for Body Rock! 2017 began!  This event is, hands down, a huge benefit to my health, well being and entire body - a much needed reset. 

Body Rock! is an idea that popped into my head last year, when all I saw around the city was yoga, yoga, yoga. But no events highlighted all of the other great fitness that our city has to offer.   My first thoughts were to get a ton of spinning bikes in a huge room, offer a variety of fitness classes (including yoga) in a unique space that would create a pop-up style fitness event.  Yes, it seemed ambitious - but the idea and subsequent conversations set me off into planning mode, and before I knew it - the end result was Body Rock! at Stage AE - a mashup of Pittsburgh’s top fitness instructors and studio owners, fashion, health and wellness.  

Fast forward to February 2017. Last month offered a much needed reset.   My literal job shifted from sitting at a desk and running from meeting to meeting to getting out in the world and moving my body!  The first mental high came when I was booking my weekly calendar to preview local instructors and participate in physical activities, rather than answering emails. My first class was HITT/ Restore at the Barre Code in Shadyside - yep, aggressive; yep, couldn’t walk down a flight of stairs for 2 days following class.  Then I went on to spinning all over the city, from Steel Revolution to Psycle to Local Motion and Union Fitness. All of this spinning got my blood pumping and already had me seeing physical changes!

Next up were two totally new activities that really made me smile: Jump Rope at Axle Fitness and Trampoline class at Meraki!  Yes, trampoline class. Yes, I am a 36 year old woman who jumped around on a trampoline for 60 mins of a major sweat session. Yes, I felt totally ridiculous, but wow did that leave me feeling so good!  Of course I fit in a little yoga with a few of my favorites at BYS Yoga, and a class at the PPG Wintergarden series.  

Running all over this city opened my eyes even more to all that Pittsburgh has to offer - from how healthy we are to how friendly everyone is. These discoveries made planning BodyRock! 2017 a total breeze, and I am unbelievably excited to release this year's schedule this weekend.  

Come and join me as we ride hard, sweat heavy and get inspired to move your body at #BodyRock! 2017. 

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