BEHIND FAME15 :: Pittsburgh: Celebrating the City I Love

want to know what we’re up to in the burgh? then you’ve come to the right place! we take you to our favorite pittsburgh haunts, give you a behind-the-scenes look at our client work, and share insights on what inspires us – from art and fashion to music, writing, pop culture, architecture, and, of course, cocktails.


The reason why I love this city can be summed up in one phrase: it rocks. Ever since I became a Pittsburgher nearly ten years ago, my love for this town has only grown. I'm enamored with the diversity of all that Pittsburgh has to offer, and the endless opportunities for full-on indulgence. 

When I want eclectic art, all I need to do is walk out of my front door and there it is: on the walls of buildings in Lawrenceville. When I'm in the mood for cutting-edge cuisine, I have any number of new and exciting restaurants right here, eateries that are pushing boundaries and garnering our city national press as a foodie destination. 

And when I want to be surrounded by champions (or champyinz, take your pick), well, that one is a no brainer. What titles haven't we won? Pittsburgh wins big but celebrates even bigger. As a city. As a community. As a place I'm proud to call home.

Last weekend I joined thousands of my closest friends and took it to the streets, celebrating the Pens' consecutive Stanley Cup win. Below are a few of my favorite snaps, taken on Carson Street, The South Side. They all feature different friends and loved ones, but one thread is consistent: we're together. Celebrating the city we love. The city we call home. 

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